Antigen cyber risk management

The Next Generation Cyber Liability Insurance Program

Select vetted security solutions backed by industry standards and approved by insurance carriers

Make smarter cyber risk purchasing decisions and
save big

Secure your business with the cyber insurance and controls you need

Obtain annual performance-based savings and reimbursement on cyber insurance premiums

Balancing your cyber risk ... and your budget.

With a multitude of security solutions available in the market today, how do you choose the right one for your business? If you are carrying cyber insurance or considering it, then you need to make sure your security posture meets the requirements set by carriers. It can be an overwhelming process for a security leader or a business owner, especially when managing a portfolio of risk as a service provider, private equity firm, or consulting firm.

Introducing the next-generation cyber liability insurance program that completely changes the way you manage cyber risk: Antigen Titan Defense Complete.


Managed Service Providers:

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Benefits of a next-generation cyber liability insurance program

We evaluate vendors every quarter and provide that ongoing research to our cyber liability insurance carrier partners–enabling them to make smarter underwriting decisions. Only the solutions that consistently pass the test of active attack are authorized for use in this program. We compound this risk reduction by layering in additional financial protection through our Service Assurance Warranty. Offerings powered by Antigen Titan Defense can enable up to 90% savings on cyber insurance premiums, and even performance-based reimbursements of up to 50% of annual premium every year.

What is a performance-based reimbursement?

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Antigen CEO Steven Legg chats with WTW Risk Director Brian Pilarski about the state of the cyber insurance industry. 

Cysurance CEO Kirsten Bay joins Steven Legg for a discussion on changes in cyber insurance and what companies need to do to meet cyber insurance requirements. 

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