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Lessen the frequency, severity and scope of cyber risks for your insured by bringing a next generation cyber liability insurance product to market with Antigen in partnership with Cysurance.

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Partner with the leaders in next generation cyber insurance products!

Align your underwriting requirements with the only data-driven, purpose-built cyber insurance security standard

Feel confident that cyber risk is managed by the most potent and proven controls--for every insured

Provide unique financial benefits to incentivize your insured to make better cyber risk decisions

Antigen, in partnership with Cysurance, is focused on solving your challenges as a cyber liability insurance carrier. When you work with us, you’ll drive your costs down and your actuarial performance will be more profitable and consistent.
On average, an insured enrolled in our program is six times less likely to experience a serious incident or breach, and claims cost 90% less, or are eliminated entirely.
We achieve this by maintaining extensive, ongoing research on the efficacy, resilience and overall impact of security solutions on the market today. Antigen evaluates hundreds of solutions every year across all categories and we only approve those solutions which meet our exceptionally high performance standards.

Watch Antigen CEO Steven Legg and Cysurance CEO Kirsten Bay tackle the latest cyber insurance industry news, including a discussion of an organization that went out of business following a cyberattack that wasn’t covered by their cyber insurance policy. 

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