Managed Service Providers

Align product recommendations directly with cyber insurance underwriting and claims.

Feel confident that your customers have the highest level of cyber security.

Make smarter cyber security risk decisions for yourself and your customers.

Be the hero your customers deserve.

Managed Service Providers have a lot of responsibility when it comes to their customers’ security. Your customers trust you to provide them with the best and most cost-effective security solutions available.


Today, your customers must also meet cyber security requirements from their insurance carrier.  And, if they experience a breach, they will most likely turn to you for help.


MSPs are constantly in the middle of an insurance claim, the incident response firm, legal matters, and taking on more and more liability.  Is your business  equipped to handle this?

Aligning with Antigen will prepare your business to handle next generation cyber risk.  We will ensure that both you and your customers have:


  • Access to our comprehensive, vetted and insurance carrier approved solutions.
  • Best-in-class security technology protecting assets + networks with proper configuration and rigorous product evaluation.
  • Financial protection via cyber insurance and/or a financial warranty that will reduce out-of-pocket costs to almost nothing if a claim occurs.
  • 24/7/365 access to a top-notch incident response team if you or your customers ever have an incident or breach.

No more getting stuck in the middle!


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Providing affordable, enterprise-level protection, response and remediation services for your customers.

Antigen Security is the only MSP-focused DFIR firm with expertise on handling your customers’ security needs from risk assessments to incident response.

Incident Response Consulting​

Our digital forensics & incident response (DFIR) team can provide insight into how a breach occurred, what data and systems were impacted, and reporting the timeline and details of threat actor activity to meet legal and regulatory reporting requirements.

Recovery Engineering

If a breach occurs, you want a team of experts on your side. We enable the restoration and rebuilding of critical workstations, servers and applications, resuming operations expediently and securely.

Proactive Consulting Services

Whether we're delivering  assessments, tabletop exercises, contingency planning (including disaster recovery, business continuity and incident response), or securely implementing or reviewing systems or projects, our expert team can enable you to achieve the outcomes you need. 

Purchase Software Licenses

Turn to Antigen Marketplace for all of your software licensing needs. Find all of our insurance carrier-approved cyber security software in one place!

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