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A monthly, podcast-style discussion between Antigen CEO Steven Legg and Cysurance CEO Kirsten Bay on current events in cyber insurance, with takeaways for businesses trying to navigate the requirements of insurers.

A 4-in-1 Perspective on Cyber Liability Insurance. This webinar includes a cyber insurance panel discussion with Steven Legg from Antigen Security, Kirsten Bay from Cysurance, Matt McGonigle from RetireCo and Ryan Ikeler from Illumio.

Illumio’s Head of MSP/MSSP Ben Harel and Antigen’s CEO Steven Legg explain what ZTS is and how it can impact businesses applying for cyber liability insurance.

Patriot Consulting CEO Joe Stocker joins Antigen CEO Steven Legg for a discussion on the Cisco and Uber breaches and factors that impacted both situations … as well as other current events in cybersecurity!

A cyber insurance conversation with Cysurance CEO Kirsten Bay and Antigen CEO Steven Legg about current factors affecting the cyber liability insurance industry.

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