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Next-gen cyber liability insurance that fits your business

Managing cyber risk can be a daunting task for security professionals. It can be a total guessing game when it comes to whether your security environment meets insurance carrier requirements. Do you have all the right technologies, policies and practices required by your carrier? 

Fortunately, when you work with Antigen, we eliminate all of the ambiguity and guarantee that you’ll be able to receive coverage. Antigen Titan Defense Complete gives you access to the next-generation cyber liability insurance program that your organization needs to be cyber safe. 

Antigen Titan Defense Complete: your cyber seatbelt

Antigen Titan Defense Complete is your cyber seatbelt for comprehensive cyber risk management. Antigen’s experts evaluate vendors on a quarterly basis to make sure our program has the best security technologies the market has to offer

Aligned to the CIS controls, informed by data from thousands of real incidents and bleeding edge security research, this full security program is approved by our cyber insurance carriers.

This simplifies the cyber insurance underwriting process for our Titan Defense Complete customers. We are your one point of contact–you don’t need to manage multiple vendors and relationships to get the coverage you need. Most importantly, our program drives down the total cost of cyber risk management.

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Antigen Titan Defense Complete

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Antigen Titan Defense Complete

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Antigen Titan Defense Complete

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Antigen Titan Defense Complete

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"Having only one vendor to manage is huge. This makes procurement simple."
VP of Information Technology
Detroit, MI

Implementation phases

Consult with us and receive a free cyber insurance readiness assessment. We can help you determine whether your current security program meets insurance carrier requirements. If not, we can talk about adding the technologies you need. Our technologies are vetted and approved by carriers as meeting requirements, so you can buy with confidence.

Typically our team would start with a free cyber insurance readiness assessment to get a baseline of where your security program is today. From there, we can look at where you need to focus your efforts on improving your posture. You could receive a reduction in your cyber liability insurance premium by working with Antigen and implementing Titan Defense Complete!

In addition to implementing the security program with carrier-approved technology, Antigen Titan Defense Complete gives you exclusive access to purchase cyber liability insurance. You can bypass the application process because our solutions meet carrier requirements! Get started by completing the form at the bottom of this page. 

Antigen Titan Defense vendors include:

Financial protection included for peace of mind

All Titan Defense Complete customers receive a right-sized financial service assurance warranty covering costs related to:

Introducing the next-generation cyber liability insurance program that completely changes the way you manage cyber risk: Antigen Titan Defense Complete.

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