Cyber INsurance Readiness Assessment

Check all the boxes when it comes to your security stack

Protecting your business from cyber risk by obtaining cyber liability insurance will help safeguard your data, brand reputation and more. However, insurers want to make sure organizations have taken necessary steps to strengthen their security posture prior to issuing a policy.

If you’ve previously been denied cyber insurance, are concerned about retaining your existing coverage, or are exploring cyber liability insurance for the first time, you need the right team of experts on your side to help guide you through the readiness process.

That’s where Antigen Security comes in. Engaging with Antigen Security means understanding how to protect your business, customers and systems with confidence. Our assessment will show you where you have the proper measures in place, and where you have gaps that need to be addressed.

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Antigen Security CEO, Steven Legg, talks with WTW Director of Risk & Broking, Brian Pilarski, about what businesses need to do to make sure they eliminate gaps in their security stack.

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