Antigen Titan Defense

Protection from threats 24/7/365.

Just under 70% of businesses have experienced an attack on their endpoints (desktop and laptop computers, servers), according to a study by the Ponemon Institute. Traditional security solutions like Antivirus don’t catch everything that happens on the endpoint, especially with the numerous and sophisticated ways criminals penetrate systems.

At its core, Antigen Titan Defense is an affordable technology stack that helps businesses of all sizes manage their cyber risk without the need to hire additional staff to manage it.

We’ve hand selected the vendors in our stack based on how well each solution helps to minimize overall cyber risk, and continually evaluate new and existing technologies to protect customers with the best tools in the market year over year.   

Titan Defense Basic

Titan Defense Standard

Titan Defense Complete

Titan Defense Basic

This is the first step in making your organization more secure. Because of the increase in attacks happening at the endpoint, it is paramount to protect your organization at this level, and that goes beyond basic antivirus software.

Antigen Titan Defense Basic gives businesses the power of managed endpoint detection and response through enterprise-class, industry-leading EDR tools from Crowdstrike, Sentinel One and MDR from Red Canary


Titan Defense Standard

Antigen Titan Defense Standard is a Managed Detection & Response solution that brings together the power of enterprise EDR tools with Red Canary’s superior MDR technology and the expertise of the IR experts on the Antigen team.

Our goal is to be your security ally, allowing you to focus on other important tasks as we monitor, detect and respond to threats to your business systems in real time.

Antigen’s Incident Response & Security Operations teams partner with the detection engineers and analysts at Red Canary to perform always-on Level 1 Incident Response investigations and remediate threats to your environment on your behalf—giving you peace of mind knowing you have a leading Incident Responders in your corner ready to engage immediately when a threat shows up.

Titan Defense Complete

This complete security stack contains enterprise-class, best-of-breed tools that every business needs for near total cyber risk management. Each tool in the stack has been hand selected and evaluated by Antigen’s experts to provide the most material impact on reducing cyber risk possible. We’ve eliminated the time and effort it takes for you to research vendors in each category! We are your one point of contact.

Aligned to the CIS controls, informed by data from thousands of real incidents and bleeding edge security research, this full stack is explicitly approved by our cyber insurance partners through Antigen’s unique vetting and analysis process for security controls and tools, driven by our information security researchers.

This simplifies the cyber insurance buying process for our Titan Defense Complete customers, taking the pain out of securing and retaining a cyber insurance policy and importantly driving down the total cost of cyber risk management.

Having only one vendor to manage is huge. This makes procurement simple."

-Vice President of Information Technology, Detroit, MI

The Titan Defense Complete stack includes:

Financial protection included for total peace of mind

All Titan Defense Complete customers receive a right-sized financial service assurance warranty covering costs related to:

  • Ransomware & Business Email Compromise
  • Compliance & Regulatory failure
  • Business income loss
  • Cyber legal liability

Customers can also purchase cyber insurance through Antigen from our approved carriers at up to 70% off the cost of a traditional cyber insurance policy.

This means Titan Defense Complete customers enjoy near 100% cyber risk management with little-to-no out-of-pocket costs for incidents, enabling greatly reduced cost of ownership for managing cyber risk and guaranteeing that an incident cannot impede business or cause extended harm/excessive cost.

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