Cyber Liability Insurance Challenges for Businesses – Part 1

Need a primer on cyber liability insurance? Our CEO Steven Legg recently had a great conversation with Cysurance CEO Kirsten Bay that was part of our live stream webinar series. The below is an excerpt from that conversation. Cysurance is a cyber insurance platform that bundles with cyber solutions to provide a deeper level of […]

Critical Vulnerability Awareness – October 2022

A focus of Cybersecurity Awareness Month is on patching software in a timely manner. But we recognize that there are many patches being released each week, and it can become difficult to prioritize the critical updates to make first. We’ve simplified that for you in the below post. Read on for this month’s critical vulnerabilities […]

What You Need to Know About Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication, or MFA, is an extra layer of protection when you enter a password to log into a website or application. It’s also called two-factor authentication, or 2FA. Whatever you call it, it’s the simplest thing you can do to protect your accounts and personal information. It does add extra time to the login […]

Antigen Security is proud to be a 2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion

Antigen Security is proud to be a cybersecurity awareness month champion

Yes, we are aware of cybersecurity. All of the shade thrown on this month tends to undercut the message that the National Cybersecurity Alliance is trying to spread: cybersecurity affects everyone, from a Fortune 500 company to your grandmother and everyone in between. Antigen Security was founded on the principles of helping to stop cybercriminals. […]

This exercise is part of a healthy incident response plan

Tabletop exercises can help your organization be ready in the event of a cyberattack Want to get in shape and stay healthy? Get your exercise. Want your organization to have a healthy incident response plan? Get your exercise. Part of any robust incident response planning program is making sure members of the organization are prepared […]

Antigen Security is a CRN Emerging Vendor

Antigen Security is proud to announce that it has been named one of the Emerging Vendors of 2022 by CRN, a brand of the The Channel Company. Read our press release here:  

Collateral Damage: Advanced Persistent Threats Now Targeting All US Businesses

by Mike Behrmann, Director of DFIR Advanced Persistent Threat Reflective of Changing Threat Landscape News of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service’s (SVR) use of Brute Ratel, a new commercial post-exploitation framework, has been making headlines throughout the cybersecurity industry. The first company to break the news, Palo Alto’s Unit42, warned readers about how effective the […]

July 2022 Patch Update

Four of the 84 vulnerabilities addressed by this month’s Patch Tuesday are classified as Critical by Microsoft. All four appear to be remote code executions (RCE) type vulnerabilities giving an attacker the ability to target your organization directly remotely. As with any vulnerability, reviewing the information included in the advisory or by the National Vulnerability […]